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Adventure Island!
Year 6 leavers' hoodies 2023 03/03/2023
Easter Egg Game 30/03/2023
Kings Coronation Medals 2023 01/05/2023
Book Year 6 leavers' hoodies 2023

These hoodies are provided as a keep-sake, 100% funded by The Friends of Branfil, as a thank you for your support over the last 7 years.

The following sizes are available:
Age 9/11 (chest size 32")
Age 12/13 (chest size 34")
Adult small (chest size 36")
Adult medium (chest size 40")
Adult large (chest size 44")

Hoodies need to be ordered by 03/03/2023.
Date 03/03/2023
Price £0
How many do you require?