Meeting Agenda


Wednesday 1st May 2019

Time: 20:00
Location: The Optimist


Theresa can't make it this evening
Inflatables afternoon - Wednesday 8th May
19 wristbands sold so far
We need to get advertising.
I'll do some graphics for WhatsApp.
Get some posters done.
Refreshments/sales on the day
Do we need to ask Claire/Toni to go to Bookers?
Comedy Night - Friday 17th May
27 tickets sold so far.
Need to get plugging on this BIG TIME too!
I understand we have the poster now so will print some.
Drink sales? Snacks? Pizzas? Chilli bites!
5p challenge
This is live.
Need to get an idea how it's going.
There was an early buzz - need to remind people it's still going.
Art and Culture Workshops

I have received the following email from Mr Fielder:
I think the last time we met – other than discussing School Radio – the Friends of Branfil also said they were happy to pay for some workshops during Art and Culture week?
Two year groups have asked so far about dance workshops and I was wondering whether the Friends of Branfil would be willing to fund them?Year 1 have asked for a Flamenco teacher (£120) to come in for the day and Year 3 have asked for a Chinese dance workshop (£225) for half a day.These activities are usually extremely enriching and worthwhile for the children. They can also be photographed and put on the school website and newsletter informing parents that they were funded by the Friends of Branfil.

Vicki's updates
Over to Vicki...
Treasurers report
PayPal balance is currently £4284.75 after paying out £1066.50 for leavers hoodies. Will be paying another £1000 out very soon for Comedy night so need many more bookings. Profit from Spring discos was £656.61.
Any other business?