Meeting Agenda


Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Time: 20:00
Location: The Optimist


Vicki is working away. She may join us by Skype.
Stacie sends her apologies.
Discos - Next Wednesday
Wednesday 10th April
Reception and KS1 @ 15:45 - 16:45 (19 helpers)
KS2 @ 17:15 - 18:15 (7 helpers)

Helper figures include Hilary, Vicki and Chris but NOT staff.

Are we all ready to go?
Everything organised?
Claire and Toni getting Haribo for the KS1's?

Risk assessment?
Comedy Night
Have we got the poster yet?
Sold 8 tickets so far.
We need to get cracking with this.
5p challenge
Ready to go. Review book bag letter then we can begin.
CW will photocopy and distro Thursday PM.

The funds raised from this will be put towards the boy's toilets refurb.

Theresa has contacted the plumber/builder and secured a 5% reduction. Well done. Work looks set to take place over Easter.
Mother's Day Sale debrief
Opinions on how it went?
Do we have a ballpark figure?
We should publicise this figure in our next newsletter.
Coffee morning outcomes?
Race Night - Vicky Waters?
School radio
We were treated to a demo of the equipment. Was very impressive.
Tell group about it.
Do we agree in principal to help with funding?
However, school are having a hard time finding somewhere to house it. Any ideas?
Inflatables afternoon
Tickets are now on sale on the website.
We're going to be BBQ, right?
Who's running it?
How are we going to get it to the field?
What else?
Vicki's updates
If she can Skype in...
* External funding
* Constitution approved by charity commission
* Gift aid - application submitted just waiting to hear back from HMRC - school need to do all future sponsorships through us
* Funding bids in for radio via Amazon, Moto and Persimmon Homes
* Stubbers are offering us a deal similar to adventure island approach for day activities
Treasurers report
Gift aid?
Any other business?