Meeting Agenda


Wednesday 6th March 2019

Time: 20:00
Location: The Optimist


Reminder of new format
The main body of the meeting will run from 8 pm until 9:30 pm.  If subjects need more discussion, we will park them and revisit them at the end.
Rafe sends his apologies.
Quiz night
Saturday 16th March.
Rafe is writing - CW will do the picture and interactive rounds.
CW and Rafe will meet next week to finalise questions and test that they're not 'too hard'.
Fishy Business 2 confirmed. He's checking on prices for pie option.
Raffle prizes - how is this coming along?
Mother's Day Sale
Confirmed for Friday 29th March.
Year 2 on visit but will scheduled for some point in the afternoon.
Have told school it will be the same arrangements as usual.
Theresa and Vicki handling purchasing again. 
Theresa - I think I'm right in saying that the daffs are sorted?
Where are we at with this?

Leaver's Disco- Clare and Toni are keen to take the reins on this one. We need to agree their budget and meet with them during the day.
Coffee morning?

Booked for 14th March. Went out on school newsletter, Facebook and website. I have some posters to go up. If someone has time, I could knock up and flyer and it could be distributed in book bags?

Comedy night
Confirmed for Friday 17th May.
Natalie, Sue and Pete have signed off. Pete will be our caretaker.
Get advertising. Confirm price? Will there be early bird again?
Any ideas for prices changes to drive sales?
Are they doing the poster again? Need that asap.
CW will get the license. Look for booze offers over Easter?
Theresa, anything else on this?
Meeting with Mrs Sansom
Vicki, Hilary and Chris had a meeting with Mrs Samsom and Mr Fielder to discuss funding requirements...

School radio demo - Theresa and Chris to attend.  Not sure if school wishes us to support.

Need to arrange a meeting in the diary each half term.
Boys toilet project

We're going to get 1 more quote.

Costume and Uniform Shop

This needs publicising.  We are doing really well with this.

Request for PTA system from Miss Bessent
We need to agree on a spec. No one really seems to know what they want or need. I think we may need to pause or risk wasting money.

Jo Fielder to understand radio station requirements and then tie up with PA spec discussing with Miss Bessent and then take it from there.
Kitchen and cookery items
Forgot to ask Mrs S about this. Is it dead in the water?

Wait for follow.
School radio demonstration
We have been invited to see a demonstration on Thursday 7th March at 1pm
5p project
I have emailed Mrs Sansom for her final go ahead. I've told her the outcome of Vicki's research.
We've collected enough bottles now. Thanks to Stacie for all that drink!
When we have the go ahead we'll enact the "spend a penny" project.

Create virtual bottles on our website so the kids can see how the classes are getting on.   Winning class wins £150 to buy equipment for their class.    Two runners up.
PTA section on bi-weekly newsletter
We went out on the newsletter last week.

Reach out to whatsapp groups and gauge reaction to newsletter.
Future date approval
We need to agree some dates for our key events so externals can start booking.
We have already agreed on Friday 5th July (after school) for summer fayre.
Bazaar: Saturday 30th November or Saturday 7th December??
Once a date is agreed, we need to book Dreamcatcher or equivalent.
External funding
Update from Vicki, please?
Treasurers report
Any other business?
Sensory room
Gift Aid
Dates for Summer event - Friday 5th July 
Inflatables - Caroline to speak to Mega about dates in May 
Johnny Awsum  -  Vicki to touch base with Agent (June)
Meeting with Mrs Sansom
Vicki, Hilary and Chris had a meeting with Mrs Samson and Mr Fielder to discuss funding requirements.

Agreed to set regular date in timetable for each half term.
Mr Fielder has asked if Friends want to attend a demo of the radio station.  Theresa and Chris to attend.