Upcoming events
Event Date
Adventure Island!
Year 6 leavers' hoodies 2023 03/03/2023
Comedy Night 03/03/2023
Kings Coronation Medals 2023 01/05/2023

Meeting agendas

Following suggestions we've decided to [try our best to] make our meeting Agendas available online ahead of our meetings.

Hopefully you will find this useful. If you are planning on attending and/or would like to make a comment or have an item added to the agenda. Please email us: friends@branfil.com.
Date Time Title
06/07/2022 20.00pm Event planning for New Term/Funding requests
01/05/2019 20:00 Wednesday 1st May 2019
03/04/2019 20:00 Wednesday 3rd April 2019
06/03/2019 20:00 Wednesday 6th March 2019
13/02/2019 20:00 Wednesday 13th February 2019